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Enavant, (pronounced EN-AH-VAWNT) is an amalgamation of the French word "En Avant" which is translated ONWARD.  This theme is present in everything the brand stands for.  Onward towards excellence in film and customer service.  

Enavant Creative is a full-service video production operation that exists to create professional films and content for brands and organizations by utilizing a high level of visual quality, creativity, light mastering, and sound design. 

We use cinematic techniques to share stories through film and strive to be honest in our creativity.  We believe that professionally produced, quality video content and honest, human stories, come together in a unique way to create truly compelling films.  We’re merely the facilitators of that relationship. 

Oliver J Hughes is Enavant's lead filmmaker and owner.  Oliver works with a highly skilled team of local Kansas City contract filmmakers and production assistants for each project.